L O V E Y O U R S E L F mood mist

L O V E Y O U R S E L F mood mist

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Containing a delicate blend of luxurious French Tuberose and rosewood oils with a medley of natural botanical waters. This mist is the ultimate treat for your loved one or yourself.
We use high-quality essential oils, absolutes and botanicals.

If your are feeling down and lacking in confidence spritz liberally in the air.
Guaranteed to leave you feeling upbeat and positive.

There's also been scientific test done with students during exams showing that tuberose reduced their anxiety : LINK

Sizes: 30ml, 10 ml

Individually made & blended in small batches by Sophia and Angga in Sheffield, U.K.

The key ingredient in this blend is the delivate french tuberose, read a little more about it below:

French Tuberose

Tuberose Absolute: 
Rare, delicate and hard to produce, tuberose is the most expensive essential oil in the world but worth it is as the smell is unparalleled.
Tuberose is a recognised aphrodisiac 

and is also said to enhance your feelings of self-love and self-worth.
It is also said to open the crown chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and heightening your spiritual connection.
Known by the name ‘Night Queen’ and certain others.
Smelling this mind blowing aroma whilst taking a fragrant warm bath in its oil will leave you or the lucky soul you choose to share it with feeling sublime and sensual.