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Ayurpothecary Sheffield

Sophia instagramSophia and Angga InstagramAngga live in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England and have travelled diversely over the last few years gaining inspirations from all over the world.

Sophia is a qualified Ayurvedic Therapist with a long standing love of foraging and exploring natural medicine and aromatherapy from a young age.
After doing her Ayurvedic training she became inspired by the idea of making Ayurveda culturally relative and using plants from Europe to make Ayurvedic products to balance the body and mind.

One common misunderstanding about Ayurveda is that it is purely Indian. Infant, wherever there us life there is Ayurveda.
The more relative to your climate the ingredients are, the better things will be for you.

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Angga is a social entreprenuer & mental wellbeing advocate originally from Indonesia and feels heavily inspired by recent visits back to his roots in Java.

Visiting independant plantations and discovering a new found love for nature and natural healing that he didn’t cultivate until a few years ago.

After learning about essential oil production from his father he felt inspired to learn about distillation of botanicals. Through this his love and knowledge grew further.

Angga & Sophia, both feeling full of knowledge and inspiration then attended a perfume masterclass in Florence, Italy.
This refined some of the techniques that they had been learning but also consolidated the idea that they wanted to keep their products natural.

Now, working as a couple Angga is the distiller of foraged materials, sources botanicals & rare oils from all over world and Sophia is the nose who combines raw materials and creates products using Ayurvedic principles with a western climatic twist.

We invite you to join us on the #slowmovement revolution in Health and Wellbeing.